61 Franklin Street Community Garden is a member-run communal garden and open space  with the mission to provide a vibrant green space and the opportunity for environmental education to the residents of Greenpoint Brooklyn.


Our Beginning

Our garden began in May 2013 with an empty lot and the need for more greenspace

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Get Involved

If you live near our garden, get involved, we would love to meet you!  We strive to create a collaborative open green space for the community to share and contribute to. We grow organic New York native plants and pollinators whenever possible and what we plant in the garden is always shared with members and the community. 

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Our Mission

61 Franklin Street Garden's mission is to provide a vibrant open space and the opportunity for environmental education to the residents of Greenpoint.

Our garden's objectives are:

a) to further develop the infrastructure at 61 Franklin Street Garden in order to provide a self-sustained garden and open space;

b) to beautify the existing neighborhood with greenery, landscaping and gardens;

c) to create a permanent, safe and inviting destination for the surrounding community to come together and learn about soil remediation, cultivation of native and other plants and vegetables, composting, rain water harvesting and other methods of preserving and maintaining urban green space;

d) to provide a local source of produce, herbs and other edibles to the surrounding community.



New York Native Flower Plant Species


Vegetable and edibles


Ground cover plants