in the garden

In addition to promoting awareness through community events and workshops our team is pleased to be partnering with the educators at PS31 to bring you classes in the garden this spring.  

Stay tuned on our events page for sign-ups and more details. 



to support local causes that matter

Our dedicated team has raised over $5000 though events in garden.  These funds go toward our garden education program and local soup kitchen.  Check our events page for upcoming events and community BBQ's.

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what we love and what thrives in Brooklyn

We are a Zone 6 garden.  What does that mean?  We have below freezing winters, scorching hot summers and a few feral cats in between which means our plants have to be tough.

Through trial and error we've found that if you plant what your New York ancestors did you'll probably be ok.  That being said we love to test new varieties to see what will take.  Stop by this summer to see our wide variety of Peppers, Hardy Kiwi and Strawberries that taste like bubblegum!

Thinking of starting a edible backyard oasis?  We love tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, sunflowers, eggplants and basil.  Plant a pot and stop by to share your bounty!  We love a good tomato success story!

**If you are planting directly in urban soil ALWAYS get the soil tested.  Resources are available through.....